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2022 SAMSUNG Galaxy Book2 Pro NP950XED-KA1US

Samsung has recently released the high-end laptop which has stylish aesthetics, and power. Yes, we are going to discuss the 2022 SAMSUNG Galaxy Book2 Pro NP950XED-KA1US in this review. What is so interesting about this device? Let’s go over all you need to know about this 15.6″ laptop.

To begin with, Samsung products are known to be solid and reliable, and this laptop is no different. It comes with many great features as you would expect, but before mentioning them one by one, let us list the important specification first.

NP950XED-KA1US Main Details

Product: SAMSUNG 15.6” Galaxy Book2 Pro Laptop Computer, i7 / 16GB / 512GB, 12th Gen Intel Core Processor, Evo Certified, Lightweight, 2022 Model, Graphite
ScreenA 15.6″ FHD AMOLED Display with Eye Care panel.
Processor2.10 – 4.60 GHz 12th Gen Intel Core i7-1260P
GraphicsIntel Iris Xe
Storage512GB SSD
Connectivity1x USB Type-C, 1x USB 3.2, 1x Thunderbolt, 1x HDMI, 1x Micro-SD Card, 1x Audio Combo
Other featuresBluetooth v5.1, 1080p Full-HD webcam, Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+), Backlit Keyboard, Fingerprint scanner
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The Simpler, The Better

Starting with the appearance, this SAMSUNG Galaxy Book2 Pro NP950XED-KA1US model is exceptionally thin and light. It is even lighter than the 15-inch MacBook Pro which weighs 4.02 lbs, while our guy weighs only 2.45 lbs, quite a difference here! That’s why Galaxy Books are known for their light compact factor. For the complete measurement, it’s 13.99 x 8.89 x 0.46 inches, very slim and light. With this form factor, you can easily carry it around and will fit into your bag and backpack nicely.

Light NP950XED-KA1US 2022 SAMSUNG Galaxy Book2 Pro
Lighter than a MacBook Pro!

This unit also comes with Thunderbolt 4, which means, there is no further explanation about charging your laptop. You won’t need to carry the bulky traditional power charger, because you can charge it with the USB C charger, this is a great feature if you are often on the go.

And the battery life is promising up to 21 hours, but surely, it will all depend on how you use your laptop. In short, you won’t need to worry about the battery life, because this machine is very power efficient.

Does it perform well?

When discussing a laptop’s performance, we need to discuss its processor, RAM, and storage. These components play an important role in a computer’s overall speed.

Alder Lake P CPU

Due to its high-end main specifications, this elegant laptop stands out from its competitor. Let’s start with its processor, which is an Alder Lake P generation chip, the Intel Core i7-1260P. This chip is a new-released CPU from Intel, which was introduced in early 2022 (this year). A strong yet efficient CPU with 12 Cores (rather than just 8 or 6) and 16 Threads! This power is often seen in a gaming laptop, but not in an ultra-thin device like our guy here. This said it’s clear that this device is more than capable to handle your everyday task and more.

12-Cores Intel i7-1260P
The 12-Cores Intel i7-1260P is scoring better than Apple’s M1 8-Core in this benchmark

Intel’s Turbo Boost technology can power up this chip to reach up to 4.70GHz while its base CPU frequency is 3.40GHz. There is also a 12MB L3 cache, and integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics G7 inside this chip. Moreover, this processor also supports up to 64GB RAM (DDR5-4800) rather than DDR4.

Even more importantly, this laptop’s processor provides the necessary characteristics for Intel’s virtualization technology (vPro). This technology powers business-oriented PC platforms for better security, stability, and performance. And your new sleek laptop has them, learn more about this feature here.

Plenty of Memory

We have discussed the powerful yet energy-efficient processor that comes with this 2022 SAMSUNG Galaxy Book2 Pro NP950XED-KA1US. But what is the use of this CPU if it is not coupled with enough RAM? Thankfully, this lightweight laptop packs 16GB of RAM module out of the box, which is really plenty of RAM for a slim notebook! Some gaming laptops which need more power come with only 8GB of RAM, and this guy here has double their RAM capacity (16GB!).

This simply means, combined with its fast CPU, the laptop’s memory is more than enough to take care of your intensive multitasking and overall PC tasks.

Compact Yet Fast SSD

Regarding the storage capacity, Samsung chooses to equip this device with a 512GB SSD rather than only 256GB. This means, that this laptop promises lightning-speed overall performance and booting time.

Laptops with SSDs are preferable because not only they can perform faster, but they are also lightweight, durable, and much more energy-efficient than standard hard drives.

What else do I need to know?

Before we end our review on this page, we must mention other features of this laptop. Among these are;

Bright Display

Do you want to use your new laptop under the sun? Then you will like this laptop’s screen because it comes with a 15.6″ AMOLED display, which modern television and mobile phones also come with. Every pixel on an AMOLED screen can emit its own light, so it can produce better colors and contrast and will consume less energy, which is great for your graphic content such as video and photographs.

Moreover, AMOLED screens have a faster response time, which means they will decrease the motion blur reproduction which is very helpful when you need to work on graphics-oriented content, such as playing casual games. Every second of a movement matters in gaming.

And surprisingly, I even saw a Macbook fan write that the screen of this SAMSUNG Galaxy Book2 Pro NP950XED-KA1US looks better than the MacBook Airs.

Full-HD built-in Webcam

Most lightweight laptops come with just HD (720p) webcams. This is the first Windows laptop that comes with a full-HD integrated webcam, with 1080p Full-HD resolution. This simply means that Samsung optimized your laptop’s webcam for video chats, online conferences, and other video activities.

Samsung also improved the Dolby Atmos audio and adds a noise canceling feature to eliminate unwanted sounds when you do your online video chats.

Easy-on-Eyes Backlit Keys

Another thing that is nice to have is this laptop has clean white backlighting. It is ideal to work or play in the dark. If you don’t like your keys to light up, you can turn them off or just turn the brightness down.

Fingerprint Reader

The fact that this NP950XED-KA1US has the fingerprint reader feature is a godsend. This feature enables you to quickly log in to your dashboard in a second or two by skipping typing those long passwords. I enjoy it, however, some do not want it, thankfully, it is an optional feature.

There is also a numeric pad which is very helpful if you work with numbers a lot. The high-quality touchpad is large and smooth so it is an enjoyment to use it.

Elegant appearance and plenty of ports


Besides the elegant appearance, good internals, and other features, this device also packs plenty of ports. There is a USB Type-A (v3.2 Gen 1), and 2x USB Type-Cs. One of them is a Thunderbolt 4 which supports DisplayPort and power delivery.

There is also an HDMI port if you wish to connect your laptop to a television or other monitor. Then there is also the new Bluetooth generation to use an external mouse or speakers.

The SD card slot offers more convenience to use with other electronic devices. For example, you can quickly transfer your photos from your camera to your laptop without needing any extra software. Just plug the camera’s SD card into your laptop’s SD card slot, and it will be transferred in seconds, how quick! And SD cards also offer more storage space and do not cost a lot too.

Thin but Mighty

To sum up our review today, this laptop is overall a great highly-portable notebook that will fit in your backpack easily and much lighter than most laptops you see. It is really easy to lug around a 2.45lbs laptop! And it has many useful features that other laptops don’t have, like the 1080p webcam, an AMOLED screen, and 16GB RAM out of the box.

-21%   in stock - high demand

It’s hard to find a setup that can rival the power at this size. They can be at the same weight, but they can’t compete with this guy’s power and battery life, this combination is just insane. All in all, you can’t go wrong with this sleek NP950XED-KA1US 2022 SAMSUNG Galaxy Book2 Pro.

Light NP950XED-KA1US 2022 SAMSUNG Galaxy Book2 Pro
2022 SAMSUNG Galaxy Book2 Pro NP950XED-KA1US
NP950XED-KA1US 2022 SAMSUNG Galaxy Book2 Pro is a setup that difficult to compete especially at this form factor. The battery life and the overall performance are great additional features.
Form Factor
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Reputable Brand
Thin & Lightweight
12th Gen i7 Intel CPU
16GB of RAM rather than only 8GB
512GB rather than only 256GB SSD
AMOLED Display
Full-HD 1080p integrated webcam (not 720p or HD)
Backlit Keyboard
Thunderbolt port
SD card slot
Fingerprint reader
Advanced security features
Fingerprint magnet
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