Getting Into LG Gram BIOS & The Precautionary Steps Get LG Gram 2020

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Getting Into LG Gram BIOS & The Precautionary Steps

Do you want to get to the LG Gram BIOS? Read this article first before going to access it or even changing it.

Is it difficult and safe to go to the BIOS?

These days, it’s actually quite safe and easy to update the BIOS of your laptop, including your LG Gram, whatever the model it is.

In the past, it was pretty risky to go into it because you can end up sending your premium device back to the manufacturer when things go wrong. Things like a broken disk all of sudden, corrupted files, or power failure can interrupt the updating process.

Don’t touch your BIOS unless you are certain doing it.

Is it necessary to access BIOS in LG Gram?

It depends on many things. First off, are you comfortable enough doing it? If you are not, we recommend you not to. It’s best to contact manufacturer support first in case you are experiencing some problems with your laptop.

Second, generally with a laptop, when it is not a custom build, then there is no need to mess up your PC’s firmware settings. Unless you have some problems with your device that it is really for you to access it.

Third, there is a notification from LG that you need to update your computer’s firmware.

Updating your BIOS (also in LG Gram or in another laptop) improperly can result in a damaged device and costly shipping to send it to your manufacturer.

If you don’t have any problems, it is unnecessary to access it. Especially if you are living in a place where power failure often happens, don’t mess up with it.

5 Precautionary steps

If you are ready and feel familiar with the BIOS, please take the time to follow these steps first to prevent any damage or file loss. With LG Gram Bios, it is no different.

    1. Make sure that you won’t experience a power failure.
    2. Make a recovery drive.
    3. Check if LG (when you read this) has sort of utilities to go to your BIOS in the OS itself. This would be the easiest.
    4. Backup your existing BIOS settings
    5. Visit some LG gram forums to exchange some experiences with other users.

If you already did these steps, then you are all set for the next step.

Going to LG Gram BIOS
You can always do the exit without saving changes
The LG Gram BIOS example
The LG Gram BIOS example

There are 3 options that you can do with the LG Gram.

  • When you hold your F10 key down while your LG Gram is restarting, you will see the boot menu of the BIOS without changing the order of the Boot settings
  • If you hold your F2 down when it is restarting, you will enter the BIOS.
  • If you are already in the Bios, by pressing the CTRL + ALT+ F7 will enable you to access the additional setting.
Useful Resources
  1. Install Linux on 2019 LG Gram:
  2. Installing Ubuntu:
  3. LG Gram forum.

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