Acer Nitro V ANV15-51-73B9 : Rock Solid? SEE IT

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Acer Nitro V ANV15-51-73B9 : Rock Solid?

Introducing the Acer Nitro V ANV15-51-73B9, a worthy contender under 900.

Let’s start this review with this honest fact, this device may not be the most lightweight option available on the market. However, its recent hardware makes it a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking an affordable solution to their gaming needs.

Besides, if you are looking for a lightweight laptop, a non-gaming laptop like an Ultrabook might be a better option.

When it comes down to the aesthetic, the Acer Nitro V 73B9 boasts a sleek and modern design. Measuring 1.06″ in height, 14.3″ in width, and 9.4″ in depth, and a weight of approximately 4.66 lbs, this laptop is not the heaviest gaming laptop. It’s great for on-the-go gaming. The black color with hints of blue and silver elements gives it a stylish and professional look. Furthermore, the new Acer Nitro branding adds a touch of elegance to the design, making it stand out from previous models.

The robust hinge allows for easy one-finger opening of the lid, showcasing its durability and sturdy build. In addition, the bottom panel and rear exhausts are equipped with efficient ventilators. This ensures proper air intake for optimal performance.

Specs & Performance

Moving along to the specification, as I mentioned before, it’s worth mentioning its up-to-date components.

Product Acer Nitro V Gaming Laptop | Intel Core i7-13620H Processor | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 Laptop GPU | 15.6" FHD IPS 144Hz Display | 16GB DDR5 | 512GB Gen 4 SSD | WiFi 6 | Backlit KB | ANV15-51-73B9
Screen15.6″ Full-HD IPS matte screen with 144Hz refresh rate and 1920×1080 screen resolution
CPUThe 10-Core/16-Threads Intel i7-13620H (3.60-4.90GHz)
Graphics6GB GDDR6 VRAM NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050
RAM16GB DDR5 SDRAM (2x8GB, dual-channel, upgradeable max. 32GB)
Storage512GB SSD (Expandable)
Other Features1x HDMI, 1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 (Type-C), 3x USB 3.2 Gen 1 (Type-A), Wi-Fi 6, RJ-45 Network port, Bluetooth v5.1, 720p webcam, a Backlit Keyboard with Numpad, dedicated NitroSense key, 2x Speakers, Microphone
Pros & Cons VIEW

Adequate Horsepower: i7-13620H CPU

Acer Nitro V ANV15-51-73B9 features an i7-13620H processor which is a beast when it comes to performance. With its 10 cores and 16 threads, it can handle even the most demanding tasks with ease. This powerful processor is ideal if you need to run multiple applications simultaneously without experiencing any lag or slowdown.

In addition to its impressive processing power, the i7-13620H also boasts a maximum frequency of 4.90 GHz. This means that it can handle even the most resource-intensive tasks with ease. Making it the ideal choice for gaming and professional workstations. Also, with support for up to 32 GB of memory in 2 memory channels, this processor can easily handle any workload thrown its way. It’s no wonder that the Intel Core i7-13620H is installed inside this gaming laptop.

More CPU cores allow your computer to handle more tasks simultaneously, resulting in improved performance and faster computing times.

So if you’re looking for an up-to-date processor, the i7-13620H is worth considering. It was released in Q1/2023. For an older model with an older CPU, check this one out.

Experience AI graphics with RTX 4050

Other than the Raptor Lake-H CPU, this Acer Nitro V model also features an RTX 4050 Graphics card. It boasts an incredible 2560 NVIDIA CUDA Cores, allowing you to experience the most advanced graphics in your favorite games. With a boost clock speed ranging from 1605MHz to 2370MHz, you can expect lightning-fast processing and smoother gameplay. But that’s not all, as this GPU also includes a whopping 6GB of memory size. It’s a significant upgrade from older graphics cards.

When comparing the performance of this GPU with one of its predecessors, it is clear that it offers a significant advantage in terms of speed. With an effective speed that is 58% faster, users can expect to experience smoother processing when running applications or playing games.

RTX 4050 GPU

In addition, the multi-rendering capabilities on this GPU are truly impressive. With a performance that is 108% faster, it allows for seamless multitasking and handling of complex graphical tasks. In short, the data speaks for itself – this GPU is quite a top performer for this price.

Acer Nitro V: Fast-Paced Fun

The Acer Nitro line-up has been making waves in the gaming world for years. One of the most significant features of Acer Nitro V ANV15-51-73B9 is its gorgeous 15.6-inch screen. It is an FHD IPS-level display with a refresh rate of 144 Hz. A perfect balance of color, clarity, and speed.

With a refresh rate of 144 Hz, you can enjoy fast-paced gameplay with minimal blurring or ghosting, which can be crucial in genres like first-person shooter (FPS) games (see the video demo below).

A 144Hz screen provides smoother gameplay compared to a 120Hz or 60Hz screen.

Fast Gen 4 SSD

The Acer Nitro V ANV15-51-73B9 comes with a pre-installed 512 GB Gen 4 SSD. With most units at this price point offering only 256GB of storage, having double the capacity means you can store more games without compromising on speed or performance. This means you have ample space for storing documents, projects, and games.

The Gen 4 SSD technology takes performance to the next level by providing faster read and write speeds compared to traditional HDDs or older SSD models. This means quicker boot times, faster loading screens in games, and overall improved system responsiveness. You’ll notice the difference immediately when using this laptop for everyday tasks or intensive applications.

And, if you know how to upgrade laptops, you can install your own RAM and hard drive.

However, Acer generously provides a robust 512 GB SSD solution that postpones the need for upgrades and external storage, allowing gamers to focus on what they love most—gaming.

Illuminate Your Workspace

One of the key features of the Acer Nitro V ANV15-51-73B9 is its white backlit keyboard.

Decent keyboard with Acer Nitro V ANV15-51

The soft glow of the white backlight creates a soothing ambiance that can help reduce eye strain. With a one-zone backlit color, you don’t need to worry about customizing different colors. The elegant white backlighting does the job perfectly.

Your Connectivity Options

The connectivity options on this laptop have you covered. It includes a Gigabit Ethernet port for high-speed internet access, making it perfect for streaming and downloading large files. The RJ-45 port is also a great addition for those who need to connect to a wired network.

But that’s not all, the Bluetooth 5.1 feature allows for seamless connection with other devices, making it very handy for transferring files or using wireless peripherals.

For presentations or watching movies on a larger screen, the HDMI port is a must-have. With 1x USB Type-C and 3x USB Type-A ports, this laptop offers plenty of options for connecting external devices and accessories.


Let’s be honest here. We are talking about gaming laptop, which has to deliver heavier performance than those smaller laptops. This also means that it will generate some noises while performing, this Acer Nitro V i7-13620 model is not an exception.

The fans can get loud when you play your games at a higher setting, but it is reasonable since this laptop was made for gamers. One of many things that I really like about this laptop is it comes with efficient ventilators in the bottom panel and rear exhausts. These fans work tirelessly to ensure proper air intake and heat dissipation, keeping your device cool even during extended use.

Power Source

To be honest, this Acer Nitro V ANV15-51-73B9 does not come with high-end battery life. With its 57 Wh lithium polymer battery, you can expect 3-4 hours of continuous use without needing to reach for the charger. This may not seem like a lot, but it is actually quite reasonable for a powerful gaming machine.

Your laptop’s battery life depends on your usage, many other configurations, and settings.

Of course, if you are planning on using the laptop for extended periods of time, I recommend using the included adapter to keep it charged.

To get more of the battery life, adjust your screen brightness, and turn off the lights of the keyboard. Delaying the Windows update while gaming will also help.

Summing up

This Acer Nitro V ANV15-51-73B9 is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also boasts new components, a 144Hz IPS display, and a backlit keyboard that adds to its overall charm. The backlight not only enhances the appearance of the laptop but also provides practical functionality. It illuminates all keys, including those with letters and numbers.

Additionally, it also offers a range of ports suitable for various tasks. It is also equipped with an RJ-45 port for a reliable network connection.

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All in all, Acer Nitro V ANV15-51-73B9 is a well-rounded compromise. Its cost-effective components strike a balance between affordability and performance. However, the question remains: does it truly deliver in terms of gameplay? To that, my answer is a resounding yes. Its combination of screen, new CPU, and GPU proved more than capable of handling games without breaking the bank.

Acer Nitro V ANV15-51-73B9 with its i7-13620H CPU
Acer Nitro V ANV15-51-73B9
Acer Nitro V ANV15-51-73B9 is visually appealing and features new CPU and GPU, a 144Hz IPS display, and a backlit keyboard, enhancing both its charm and functionality by illuminating all keys. It includes a variety of ports, including an RJ-45 port for reliable network connections. Overall, the laptop offers a balanced compromise between affordability and performance, with its cost-effective components proving capable of handling games effectively without being expensive.
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10-Cores CPU
6GB GDDR6 RTX 4050
144Hz IPS Matte Display
Backlit Keyboard
Ethernet port
One Backlit color
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