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ASUS ROG Strix Scar 17 G732LWS-DS76 (2020)

The 2020 ASUS ROG Strix Scar 17 G732LWS-DS76 gaming laptop is really an elegant machine. But can its internals back up the flashy look?

But for sure, if you are a non-techie gamer who looks for a powerhouse that works out of the box without upgrading, then this laptop is no doubt a device to consider.

The RTX 2070 S (Super, no Max-Q) GPU, 16GB memory, 10th gen of i7, and massive 1TB SSD are specs for a king machine.

G732LWS-DS76 Appearance

Let’s start this review with the appearance of the device.

Design and Build

✅ The first thing you will notice about this 2020 ASUS Scar 17 G732LWS-DS76 gaming laptop is the eye-catching design. The metal lid is made with nice brushed aluminum construction. Then there is the ROG logo on it which you can turn it on to have RGB color lighting.

Illuminating RGB lights

The black metal G732LWS-DS76 comes with LED RGB lighting around the chassis which will illuminate the front and the side edges of the laptop. It looks cool. By using the ASUS Aura Creator software or the keyboard shortcuts, you can choose the color of the lighting and its effects, or even turn it off completely.

Use Fn + Arrows (down) keys to turn the LED off/on, Fn + Arrows (right/left) Aura keys to change the lighting patterns

Cooling System

Most exhausts are located on the backside of the device. This notebook has a well-known ROG Intelligent Cooling thermal system (that has the Thermal Grizzly Liquid Metal Compound) in it.


For dimension and portability, you’ll be stunned with how sleek this G732LWS model is, especially for a 17-inch gaming notebook.

G732LWS-DS76 with the keystone slot

The dimension (WxDxH) is 15.70″ x 11.50″ x 1.00″ with its weight, only 6.30 lbs or 2.85kg. You can even open the lid with one hand or even one finger, very light hinge.

G732LWS-DS76 Performance

On the inside, this beast packs the 10th gen Intel i7 Comet Lake, the i7-10875H processor, which is no doubt one of the newest high-end CPU. PCWorld mentioned it as the best i7 you can get in a notebook.

So performance-wise when it comes to gaming, this CPU’s performance is on par to top of the range CPU of desktops.

For non-gaming laptop from ASUS that has the same generation but from i5 line, check out this ZenBook.

Special Features of G732LWS-DS76

Let’s take a look at what does this laptop has which most gaming laptops out there do not.

300Hz Beast!

The G732LWS-DS76 features a non-touchscreen 17.3-inch widescreen IPS Full-HD display, with thin bezels on the top and each side of the screen. The bottom bezel is thicker which I find very helpful for your posture while gaming so you don’t have to look more down of your screen all the time.

What will catch your attention is the display. It is a 300Hz display with 3ms response time, 300 nits, 72% NTSC, and has the anti-glare feature. There are not a lot of gaming laptops that have a 300Hz refresh rate display.

RTX 2070S

The 300Hz display when combined with the full RTX 2070 Super, SSD, and 16GB of RAM, and 10th generation of Intel i7 CPU will give you exceptional gaming experience.

Should the RTX 2060 is ok for you, consider the TUF A15 or the 2020 Helios 300 which costs much less.

The RTX Graphics especially will boost your gaming visual. Things like an explosion, lighting surfaces, and other visual elements on your games, will feel more alive. Modern games are already having this feature, and your laptop will support them.

Ray Tracing vs No Ray Tracing difference
Ray Tracing vs no Ray Tracing

Aiming for RTX 2080 unit? We recommend this one.

Per-Key RGB Keyboard

The G732LWS-DS76’s keyboard is a ROG AURA per-key RGB one, which is a multi-zone RGB that can produce those cool rainbow lighting effect.

The keyboard has the Numpad that is easy and handy to use if you often work with numbers, and the keys have fine key travels and are chicklet keys that you will be instantly familiar with.

Per-key RGB keyboard on the G732LWS-DS76
Per-key RGB keyboard on the G732LWS-DS76

The touchpad is nice and smooth, has the Windows precision driver, and has two left and right dedicated mouse buttons on the bottom.

A Slot For Keystone

On the right-hand side of the G732LWS-DS76, there is a slot for the keystone. It’s basically a physical magnetic NFC-enabled chip that you can use to instantly transfer your game profile from or to other supported Keystone supported devices.

It is also capable to unlock and protect the Shadow Drive (built-in encrypted storage in some ASUS computers). Find more about the Keystone here.

G732LWS-DS76: Capable Machine

With this recent and powerful specs, exceptional 300Hz IPS screen, you will get a really capable gaming notebook that is comparable with desktops. The RTX 2070S GPU makes this notebook qualified to be a future-proof machine.

  may be out of stock - high demand

Yes, it is pricey, but the sleek form factor, the power inside out of the box with no upgrade task will be more than merely getting the job done. The 2020 Scar 17 ASUS G732LWS-DS76 is freakishly good!

The 2020 ASUS ROG Strix Scar 17 G732LWS-DS76
The 2020 Scar 17 ASUS G732LWS-DS76 is pricey but that is because it is freakishly good!
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