The Close-to-Perfect FA506IH-AS53 ASUS TUF A15 SEE IT

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The Close-to-Perfect FA506IH-AS53 ASUS TUF A15

ASUS TUF A15 Ryzen 5 4600H review. The ASUS TUF Gaming A15 Gaming Laptop, 15.6″ 144Hz FHD IPS-Type, AMD Ryzen 5 4600H, GeForce GTX 1650, 8GB DDR4, 512GB PCIe SSD, Gigabit Wi-Fi 5, Windows 10 Home, FA506IH-AS53 unit.

Hey, do you want to get a gaming laptop that has 6-Cores, 12-Threads new Ryzen CPU at a 700-800 price point? If you don’t want to break all of your saving money to get a good gaming notebook from ASUS, read along with this review, why we recommend this laptop.


First off, this device is not the perfect portable gaming device in the market, but it was not designed to be one either.

Military-Grade MIL-STD-810G

Design-wise, the ASUS TUF A15 FA506IH-AS53 gaming laptop comes with Bonfire black color with the TUF logo at the center of the lid.

The Bonfire black FA506IH-AS53 gaming laptop
The Bonfire black FA506IH-AS53 gaming laptop

Being one of the ASUS TUF series, this model is known and has passed the durability test (The US military-grade MIL-STD-810G). That test includes a sudden drop test, extreme temperature changes, solar radiation, and so forth. Find out more about this test here

In short, despite being made from plastic, you will be getting a tough gaming machine. In fact, the plastic material helps your laptop to be more lightweight.

Chiclet, Full-Size RGB Backlit keyboard

What’s more, the FA506IH-AS53 comes with a full-size keyboard with a Numpad. The WASD keys are highlighted with transparent color, this is perfect for a gamer.

The keyboard has RGB backlighting, and it is single-zone lighting. The keyboard deck is pretty sturdy, no surprise here since the whole laptop has the US Military-grade certificate.

In the Armoury Crate app, and inside the Lighting option, you will find the ability to control the light setting of your keyboard. You’ll have Static, Breathing, or Strobing and Color Cycle.

✅ What is the keyboard shortcut to change the backlit mode of your keyboard?

Press your FN key and left or right arrow key.

FA506IH-AS53 is TUF!

Being a gaming laptop, it won’t give you the lightest form factor. Weighing at only 5.07 pounds or 2.29 kg, this FA506IH-AS53 TUF A15 Ryzen 5 4600H model is not the bulkiest as well.

Actually, I have seen more bulky form factors on the more expensive gaming notebooks. And a big positive surprise, you can actually lift the lid with just one hand!

FA506IH-AS53 Performance

In the following chapter, we are going to find out why this laptop becomes one of the best selling gaming laptops in the market today.

Key specs table;

Product ASUS TUF Gaming A15 Gaming Laptop, 15.6” 144Hz FHD IPS-Type, AMD Ryzen 5 4600H, GeForce GTX 1650, 8GB DDR4, 512GB PCIe SSD, Gigabit Wi-Fi 5, Windows 10 Home, FA506IH-AS53
Weight5.10 lbs (2.3 kg)
Screen15.6″ 144Hz Full-HD IPS
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 5 4600H (6-cores/12-threads)
Memory8GB DDR4 RAM (Upgradable)
GraphicsNvidia GeForce GTX 1650
Storage (SSD)512GB (Upgradable)
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The Ryzen 5 4600H CPU

✅ The FA506IH-AS53 packs the Ryzen 5 4600H chip, which is one of the newest AMD’s H series that was released this year. This processor handles every computing works with ease. The base clock is 3.0 GHz which beats the 10th generation of i7 the i7-10750H that has only 2.60 GHz base clock processor frequency.

AMD Ryzen 5 4600H vs Intel i7-10750H
The CPU of this laptop is comparable to the 10th gen of Intel i7-10750H [view the benchmark]

Overall, this CPU will not let you down if you are a college student, a professional, or a gamer. This AMD’s Ryzen 4000 series is one of the top CPUs for mid-range gaming notebooks.

Note: there is also a similar model of TUF (the TUF506IV-AS76), but it comes with the Ryzen 7 4800H (ours here has the Ryzen 5).

1380MHz GeForce GTX 1650

A dedicated GeForce GTX 1650 graphics with a new 6-Cores and 12-Threads processor and 8GB of memory (upgradable), as well as the nice-sized 512GB SSD storage in a gaming laptop at this price, is just great.

If you fancy the TUF A15 with the Graphics that support Ray-Tracing, look for the RTX2060 2020 model in this link. Or consider this one if you want the GTX 1660 Ti Graphics (TUF506IU-ES74).

Due to its exhaust vents, the GPU and CPU cooling processes can remain quiet. The vents also prevent the device from being overheating when working with heavy loads of computer programs, such as gaming.

This laptop is equipped with a very good cooling system. There are exhaust vents, not only underneath, but also on the keyboard’s deck and at each side of the laptop itself. And since it is a gaming laptop, it’s very normal that you will hear the fans working.

Games like Assasins Creed Oddisay, Overwatch, Witcher 3, League, Skyrim run very well with this notebook.

TUF A15 Ryzen 5 4600H Battery Life

The problem with a gaming laptop is usually the battery life, but this laptop is quite different. It slices about 5 hours of battery life with demanding work.

This said you will get even longer battery life if you adjust the screen brightness, doing light computing, etc.

Moreover, ASUS does a good job of providing this device with a portable charger, which you can easily tug into your bag.

FA506IH-AS53’s 144Hz Screen

ASUS TUF A15 with Ryzen 5 4600H and 144Hz IPS Screen
The 144Hz IPS screen is ideal for gaming

The 15.6″ 144Hz IPS display of this unit is just amazing. There is a huge improvement from the previous 60Hz or even the 120Hz screen generations (see the FX505DT version). The difference is like night and day! If you look for a 17-inch TUF A15, consider this one (TUF706IU-AS76.)

The brightness, sharpness, and response time are quite decent for a mid-range gaming laptop like this one. The display is, in my opinion, more than sufficient to play your games.

Tons of Ports!

ASUS TUF A15 FA506IH-AS53 with the Ethernet Port
An Ethernet port, no dropping internet connection while gaming!

Port-wise, the collection of the connectivity of this unit is valuable, you thought you would never use them, but it’s nice to have them anyway.

On the right, you will have 1x USB 3.2 Type-A port and a Kensington lock, while on the left side, you will be able to see the other ports.

There is a full-size HDMI 2.0 port, 2x USB 3.2 Type-A, 1x USB 3.2 Type-C with display support (DP1.4), an audio jack combo, as well as your adapter plug.

There is also an Ethernet port, the RJ45 port, which is not every laptop has, which is an advantage.

It’s always nice to have an ethernet port to stream games, in case the wireless network has a problem

With this Ethernet port, your laptop is now really becoming your desktop replacement!

TUF A15 Ryzen 5 4600H Gaming Test

FA506IH-AS53 is Unheard Of!

This is a great machine in terms of performance and price balance. It cuts here and there but, it does not compromise what is really important on a gaming laptop.

This laptop is an ideal device for students who want also to game, light video editing, and gamers out of the box.

The dedicated GPU, SSD, dual-channel upgradable 8GB fast memory (at 3200MHz), 144Hz screen, and CPU that competes with a desktop’s CPU performance, all of these at about 700 bucks is just unheard of. Oh and an Ethernet port on a laptop!

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If you want a portable form-factor of a desktop gaming PC and a good value “gaming” machine, then this FA506IH-AS53 is your choice!

ASUS TUF A15 FA506IH-AS53 with the Ethernet Port
FA506IH-AS53 TUF A15 Ryzen 5 4600H laptop.
This FA506IH-AS53 TUF A15 Ryzen 5 4600H laptop has plenty of premium features, the fast SSD and 144Hz screen alone are great features that not many laptops have.
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