MSI Stealth 17 A13VH-053US: Any Pitfalls? SEE IT

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MSI Stealth 17 A13VH-053US: Any Pitfalls?

The MSI Stealth 17 i9-13900H A13VH-053US model is a powerful gaming laptop that stands at the top of MSI’s gaming laptop lineup. It packs a 13-generation of Intel i9 CPU, a today’s 2nd-best RTX 4080 GPU, 32GB of DDR5 RAM, and many more features. Do you think this is the right gaming laptop for you? Get the answer to this question by reading this review.

Stylish with Metal Chassis

When it comes to gaming laptops, design, and performance are equally important. This MSI Stealth model has managed to combine both of these features into one package.

With this laptop, you don’t have to choose between work and play. You can have both! It offers both business and gaming capabilities, with powerful performance that can meet any need. With its thin and light black sandblasted metal chassis, this laptop is stylish enough for use in the office and durable enough to handle a gaming session.

Premium MSI Stealth 17 Studio powered by i9-13900H
A sleek gaming laptop!

The reinforced hinge makes sure that your laptop won’t fall over when you’re playing games for a long time. The MSI Stealth 17 Studio is perfect for those who are looking for a laptop that offers both professional and gaming capabilities. MSI has made sure to design the Stealth 17 with a bold, yet understated tone so it appeals to tech elites and gaming enthusiasts alike.

Supercharged Performance

Performance-wise, the Intel Core i9-13900H processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 graphics card inside the MSI Stealth 17 A13VH-053US make it a powerful gaming laptop. This combination makes for smooth gameplay and immersive visuals.

This maschine also features dual-channel 32GB of DDR5 RAM and 1TB of NVMe SSD storage, plus Thunderbolt 4 connectivity for fast data transfer.

For cooling management, the MSI’s Cooler Boost Trinity+ technology ensures that the system stays cool at all times.

Laptops with dual-channel memory system perform better

MSI Dragon Center further allows you to customize your new laptop’s settings and monitor its performance. Altogether, this gaming rig is a powerful device that delivers the ultimate immersive gameplay experience.

Top-Tier i9-13900H CPU

The processor of this MSI Stealth 17 A13VH-053US (i9-13900H) has just been released this year. And it immediately makes it into the top ten CPUs for new laptops today. So there is no doubt that this top CPU can do every computing job. This includes playing games at ultra settings.

The i9-13900H CPU is on the top ten list of new laptops
Top-tier performance!

This 13th Generation Intel Core i9-13900H processor also has a better hybrid core architecture with up to 6 performance cores and 8 efficient cores. This being said, this laptop can perform more than one thing at once (multi-tasking) and play games with a lot of graphics performance.

The 14 cores and 20 threads of this Raptor Lake-H processor are powered by a 10nm architecture, running at a base rate of 2.6 GHz and a boost clock of up to 5.4 GHz when all cores are enabled.

MSI laptops are very reliable and last a long time, no matter how hard they are used, thanks to their cutting-edge technology. Of course, MSI’s great technology isn’t limited to just the processor. MSI also offers a variety of features designed to enhance gaming performance. You will find them out soon in this review.

Intuitive Windows 11

Not only does this MSI Stealth 17 A13VH-053US come with top-of-the-line specs, but it also has Windows 11 as the operating system. Windows 11 is easier to navigate and has an easy-to-use user interface, making it easy for gamers to get to their favorite games.

This version of Windows also offers a slew of features that make it such an attractive option for gamers who want to get maximum performance and reliability out of their device.

Plus, there’s access to the Microsoft Store, which allows you to download additional apps and services. All things considered, Windows 11 makes this machine an ideal laptop for both gaming and productivity.

Second-Best NVIDIA GeForce GPU

Moreover, MSI loads this Stealth 17 A13VH-053US model with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 graphics card. When we write this review, it is currently listed as the second-best high-end GPU in the PassMark benchmark.

According to the latest results from the PassMark benchmark, the NVIDIA RTX 2080 is the best high-end GPU available today
Second-best and a High-end GPU!

The RTX 4080 has 12GB of GDDR6X VRAM, which lets gamers see graphics with a lot of details. This GPU also supports ray tracing at high framerates. This powerful GPU also has AI-accelerated rendering and NVIDIA DLSS technology for better image quality.

Ray Tracing vs No Ray Tracing difference
Turning on RTX improves Minecraft’s realism.

With your new laptop, you can now go beyond speed with graphics that look real and are lag-free. To see the laptops that have 20-series GPU version among other variants, follow this link.

The 17.3″ 240Hz Display

The MSI Stealth 17 A13VH-053US features a 17.3″ 16:9 QHD 100% DCI-P3 display for maximum gaming performance. This high-end screen has a fast refresh rate of 240 Hz, and 300 nits brightness level for smooth gameplay.

And since it has a QHD (Quad High Definition), it offers you better graphics quality and a wider range of viewing angles than the standard FHD (Full High Definition). For a cheaper 15.6-inch, they still have this older model available.

For the screen gamut, A13VH-053US has a 100% DCI-P3 with its screen. This means it generates more vivid and improves the contrast for its color reproduction. The display on this laptop definitely gives you the most immersive gaming experience possible.

It is hard to find a 240Hz screen in many other laptops, especially not at this price and specs! With this high refresh rate, you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth gaming experience with no motion blur.

Check out the video below showcasing what makes having a 240Hz monitor important: no more stuttering during intense action sequences onscreen!

What a 240Hz screen can do

High-Speed Data

The MSI Stealth 17 A13VH-053US has Thunderbolt 4 ports that make it easy to move and store data quickly. This high-speed data protocol allows gamers to move large files from one device to another quickly and without hassles.

It also comes with DDR5-5600MHz memory, which is fast, it is one of the latest and greatest in RAM technology. DDR5 helps improve your gaming performance by providing faster speeds, resulting in improved frame rates for more immersive gaming experiences.

Additionally, because DDR5 provides a higher level of future-proofing, you can expect to get more use out of your MSI Stealth 17 as technology advances. With this laptop, you’ll receive the ultimate gaming experience without worrying about needing an upgrade anytime soon.

MSI Stealth 17 Features

The MSI Stealth 17 A13VH-053US has a lot of features that are meant to make it better for gaming. MSI’s Cooler Boost Trinity+ technology makes sure that the system stays cool, and MSI Dragon Center lets you change your system’s settings and keep an eye on how it is running. The laptop also features 32GB of DDR5 RAM and 1TB of NVMe SSD storage for fast data transfer and storage.

MSI’s advanced thermal control means that your laptop will help you to control your laptop’s thermal management. And its QHD display gives you a wider range of colors, brighter colors, and more detailed images for gaming.

Using an MSI Stealth 17 Studio A13VH-053US laptop and a SteelSeries keyboard

This 0.79 inches thick laptop also offers so many extra features, including a per-key RGB backlit keyboard and a Thunderbolt port that offers extra connectivity options.

Audio Quality

And if you are looking for not only power in a gaming laptop but also great portability and sound quality, this device offers both. Thanks to the 2 tweeters and 4 woofers (6 speakers, MSI’s Dynaudio system). This unit is also thinner and lighter than its competitors, so it is more portable and has better battery life. At this point, this laptop really has you covered on all fronts.

SD Card and FHD Webcam!

MSI Stealth 17 Studio A13VH-053US comes with an SD card slot that enables you to quickly transfer your data from your camera or even expand your storage.

The newness of sleek MSI Stealth 17 with its RTX 4080
SD card, Thunderbolt, and more!

Furthermore, this gaming laptop has a full-HD webcam! This means it can offer you stunning and vivid picture quality, making video conferencing crystal clear. All in Full-HD quality, not just HD ones. Do you want also to broadcast your gameplay with better picture quality? No problem; this laptop has one of the best laptop webcams available. So Full-HD video calls and conferencing are within your reach.

MSI A13VH-053US Specs

The MSI Stealth 17 A13VH-053US is a gaming laptop packed with powerful tech specs:

Product MSI Stealth 17 Studio 17.3" QHD 240Hz Gaming Laptop: Intel Core i9-13900H, RTX 4080, 32GB DDR5, 1TB NVMe SSD, Thunderbolt 4, USB-Type C, Cooler Boost Trinity+, Win11 Home: Core Black A13VH-053US
ScreenQHD, Anti-Glare, Wide-Angle, 240Hz, 3ms, DCI-P3, 100%, 17.3″ Display with 2560×1440 resolution and 16:9 Aspect Ratio
CPUNew 13th generation 14-Core/20-Threads Intel Core i9-13900H processor with 5.40GHz Turbo Boost
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080
RAM (2x memory slots)32GB (2x16GB, dual-channel)
Storage1TB SSD
Other Features1x HDMI 2.1, 1x Thunderbolt v.4 with PowerDelivery Charging functionality, 1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 (Type-C; up to 10 Gbps, DisplayPort), 2x USB 3.2 Gen 2 (Type-A), RJ-45, 1x SD Card Reader, IR FHD Webcam, 1x Audio Combo, Wi-Fi E3100G/6E AX1675, Bluetooth 5.2, SteelSeries Per-Key RGB Backlit keyboard with an anti-ghosting feature, MSI True Color, MSI Matrix Display, and MSI Cooler Boost 5
Pros & Cons VIEW

See the specs list in this official pdf file.

Experience This Newness

This laptop is probably the best gaming laptop on the market today in terms of both hardware and price. It packs powerful hardware such as the new i9 CPU, and an RTX 4080. I think these gaming specs are almost impossible to get right now due to their newness, at least where I am at.

The 32GB of DDR5 RAM and 240Hz QHD screen with 300nits brightness level, will also become factors in making this laptop hugely popular in the future. Other RTX 4080 gaming rigs at this price range have only 16GB of RAM.

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This MSI Stealth 17 A13VH-053US gaming laptop is definitely an incredible value at its price point. Ignoring this laptop would be a mistake.

Using an MSI Stealth 17 Studio A13VH-053US laptop and a SteelSeries keyboard
MSI Stealth 17 Studio A13VH-053US
The MSI Stealth 17 Studio A13VH-053US gaming laptop has a powerful Intel Core i9-13900H processor, RTX 4080 graphics, 32GB DDR5 RAM, a 1TB NVMe SSD, Thunderbolt, and more.
Graphics Card
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Metal Chassis
Top-Tier CPU
Second-best dedicated GPU
QHD 240Hz Display
Massive RAM and storage out of the box
Thunderbolt port, SD Card slot
Full-HD Webcam
Per-Key RGB Backlit keyboard
105W RTX 4080
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