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A515-54-59W2 with Intel Core i5-10210U Review

Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop, 15.6″ Full HD IPS Display, 10th Gen Intel Core i5-10210U, 8GB DDR4, 256GB PCIe NVMe SSD, Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 802.11ax, Fingerprint Reader, Backlit KB, A515-54-59W2, Silver review this Acer 15″ laptop with newest i5 CPU.

The short summary of this A515-54-59W2 review is highlighting that this laptop does not have GPU, which means, you cannot have a maximal gaming experience with it.

So are you looking for an Acer laptop that has the latest Intel i5 CPU? If yes, read on to see how its CPU will perform. This A515-54-59W2 model clearly isn’t a high-end portable computer but for this price range, it is worth your consideration.

For a high-end laptop, consider the LG Gram 17 inch the newest version, or this ExpertBook from ASUS which has smaller screen size.

The Good with A515-54-59W2

For the technical specs, visit this page on the Acer website.

Display Quality

✅ Acer A515-54-59W2 packs a 1080p full-HD 15.6-inch screen, with 1920×1080 pixels screen resolution and an IPS panel. This UX333FA-AB77 is worth checking if you need a portable but mighty 13-inch range notebook. Or even smaller and mightier, check the VivoBook 11 inch.

This unit’s hinge looks very robust and stable.

The 1080p resolution is much better than 720p.

This computer’s display does not have a touch feature but with 250 nits of brightness, the display looks very clear and bright. The colors look brilliant, all pixels are good, none of them is dead.

It’s also a wide-angle display, which means, it has better viewing angles than a 720p screen. Setting up an external monitor is possible, this Acer r240hy monitor is an ideal companion for this laptop.

Keyboard, Trackpad

The keys on the keyboard are backlit keys, full size, and have tactile feels which are good for typing. Read this instruction if you want to turn on/off your keyboard’s backlit setting.

The A515-54-59W2 keyboard
Backlit Keyboard
Backlit keyboards are just great for typing in the dim-lighted room!

The trackpad of this Acer A515-54 is better than the usual touchpad, it’s quite large and Windows precision featured touchpad.

A515-54 Battery Life

For regular use, which includes browsing the net, streaming movies on Netflix or prime, will give you slightly more than 7 hours of battery life.

For lighter use, you will likely get the 9.5 hours which is this A515-54-59W2 advertised.


Why is this A515-54-59W2 better than the others in this category? To start off, this device packs the i5-10210U processor that has 4-cores and 8 threads which have better performance than the chipsets that have fewer cores and threads.

For this table, the higher value the better.

i5-10210U Average
The speed of RAM (MHz) 2666 1726
Turbo clock speed (GHz) 4.2 3
Semiconductor (nm)* 14 20.5
Supported Max. Memory (GB) 64 27.5

*Semiconductor, the less the more energy saver a device is.

This processor was first released last year (August 2019), so it’s on the newest Intel lines (the i5 series). It means it works with faster RAM speed which is DDR4 2666MHz. Most laptops at this price range have CPU that supports only the 2400Mhz RAM.

Faster RAM boosts performance (with the same amount of RAM.)

This newest i5-10210U CPU combined with 8GB of RAM (upgradable) and 256GB SSD (NVMe) which is an M.2 drive with the OS installed inside gives this A515-54 model performance advantage.

A515-54-59W2 review on performance
A515-54-59W2 model

A515-54-59W2 Upgrade

Upgrade The RAM

Doing an upgrade might void your warranty, confirm this first with your manufacturer.

For those who are techies, this silver A515-54-59W2 is an easily upgradeable system. And for that purpose, there is also a kit to do the upgrade which is a cable and the bracket to upgrade the hard drive.

This silver Acer A515-54 laptop comes with 8GB of memory.

The 4GB of the total 8GB of DDR4 RAM is soldered to the motherboard, you cannot remove nor replace it.

Should you want to upgrade, you can only replace the other upgradable memory slot that came with pre-installed 4GB memory.

This said you can choose either 4+8=12GB or 4+16=20 of memory from the memory upgrade process. Pick one memory of these;

Upgrading the RAM will increase the performance, but the default memory is more than adequate and better than 4GB.

Even to stream on Twitch they have a minimum of 8GB of Random Access Memory on your hardware configuration.

Upgrading The SSD

This Acer Aspire 5 A515-54 comes with an M.2 256GB SSD slot and another 2.5” secondary empty slot that you can populate with your own SATA drive or SSD drive.

To upgrade the SSD, it includes the kit in the box. So you will need to remove the case on the bottom to access these empty 2.5” bay.

One of these hard drives will fit into this device;

Once you get your own drive, follow this video to add an additional drive;

To Sum Up

If you are looking for an everyday portable computer that has the latest i5 generation from Intel, for education purposes, online surfing, streaming movies, and light image editing this one is what you are looking for.

  in stock - high demand

It has a nice 1080p screen, fast and latest version CPU from Intel i5 lines and other features that you’ll have difficulties finding any better device than this Acer A515-54-59W2 laptop.

A515-54-59W2 review on performance
A515-54-59W2 Laptop
At this price point, you won't find any better deals than this Acer A515-54-59W2.
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