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ASUS ZenBook 15 with i7-10510U: UX534FTC-AS77

UX534FTC-AS77 review in summary. 🔔 This ASUS ZenBook 15 with i7-10510U 2020 model is one of the premium ultra-portable 15″ laptops on the market.

If you are currently looking for a 15-inch notebook in a 14 or 13-inch laptop body, this UX534FTC-AS77 is worth checking out.

Furthermore, this laptop has many features that others do not have. Let’s check this out.

ZenBook 15 UX534FTC Special Features

In the following sections, we are going to talk about the special features that this notebook comes with. Visit their specification page for more technical information of this product.

Aluminum Unibody

The ZenBook 15 UX534FTC’s chassis is made from aluminum, without a doubt it has a premium build quality.

It also complies with MIL-STD-810G US military grade. This means this laptop is built with inspected and engineered durable quality. And it also means that your laptop is a durable lightweight device.

⭐ 4K Thin Bezel Panel

The UX534FTC-AS77 features a non-touch 15.6″ LED-Backlit 4K UHD screen. The screen comes with 3840×2160 pixels screen resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, and 16:9 aspect ratio.

Click this link if you want the 13-inch model, the UX333FA-AB77, or this one for the 11-inch tiny VivoBook version.

The 4K UHD display of this unit gives a broader color range, more pixels, and better clarity. Also, the screen is brighter (more than 300 nits) to support HDR videos.

You can see the difference seeing an object in a 4K UHD display and in an FHD 1080p display on your notebook. I know many people say otherwise.

Below, this gentleman on YouTube demonstrates it well. The difference between a photo in a 4K display vs in a 1080p display on his smartphone. In a laptop, the difference is more noticeable.

In short, you will appreciate a 4K UHD screen if you are a gamer. So will photographers who often edit photographs and videos (especially if they are in 4K res) on a notebook.

ScreenPad 2.0

This 15-inch ASUS ZenBook UX534FTC with i7-10510U notebook comes with the ScreenPad 2.0. It’s a 5.65-inch secondary touchscreen which also functions as your trackpad. This is a super useful feature if you often need a second display on your system. You can just leave the main screen for your main task, and the others on the ScreenPad.

ASUS ZenBook 15 UX534FTC-AS77 with i7-10510U with screenpad 2.0
ASUS ZenBook 15 UX534FTC-AS77 with i7-10510U with screenpad 2.0

Also for gaming or streaming, you can set up the main display for the game, and monitoring others in the secondary display.

With the ScreenPad 2.0, you can access the number pad or convert it to a touchpad. Furthermore, you can completely disable the ScreenPad and use it as a trackpad like in a traditional laptop.

If the ScreenPad on this unit is too small for you yet you still need a built-in 2nd display on a notebook, check out the ZenBook Duo’s innovative design (the 14-inch one).

ErgoLift Design

ASUS designed their laptops with their progressive ErgoLift design. This ZenBook 15 UX534FTC is no different. It features the special ErgoLift hinge. With this system, anytime you open up the lid the keyboard will be automatically tilted up 3 degrees. Plus, you can use one-hand to open it up by the way.

ASUS ZenBook 15 Laptop, 15.6” UHD 4K NanoEdge Display, Intel Core i7-10510U, GeForce GTX 1650, 16GB, 512GB PCIe SSD, ScreenPad 2.0, Amazon Alexa Compatible, Windows 10, Icicle Silver, UX534FTC-AS77 hinge
ZenBook 15 UX534FTC’s hinge

As a result, this innovative design will enhance your typing’s position and comfort, as well as helping the device to release the heat that it may generate.

Comet Lake CPU

Inside this device, is the 4-Cores/8-Threads 10th generation (the latest) of Intel Core i7-10510U. This processor runs with 1.8GHz clock speed, and with its Turbo Boost technology, it can reach to 4.9GHz.

This CPU is a mobile CPU that is designed to power laptops only and aim for longer battery life devices.

If your budget is tight and still want to have an affordable good laptop from ASUS, consider getting this VivoBook 15″ with the 10th gen of i3 chip.

With the 8-cell 71Wh Lithium-Ion replaceable or removable battery, the unit we are reviewing can give you about 6-9 hours battery life for light usages, such as school or office work. If your usage is involving gaming, then you will have a shorter battery life.

Now if you are willing to spend more, and need more than 24 hours lifespan of the battery, opt for this champion, the ASUS ExpertBook.

Discreet Graphics

The UX534FTC-AS77 packs the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q Graphics, which was just released last year in 2019. The 1650 GPU was also a very popular budget Graphics last year (2019). Compared with its predecessor, the 1050 ti, it performs about 30% better.

GTX 1650 Graphics performance
GTX 1650 Benchmark [View]
This Turing Architecture-based mobile GPU features 4GB GDDR5 VRAM. It also has 1024 Cuda Cores that can perform most games above 60fps, at 1080p resolution, and decent settings. Also for some AAA titles! CS:GO, Overwatch, Fortnite, or FIFA can run at 60FPS with high settings with this laptop.

With this Graphics in your ZenBook 15, together with its 10th gen of i7 CPU, you will be able to perform daily computing, plus video/photo editing as well as casual gaming with a desktop-level performance.

Still, bear in mind, this ultra-book wasn’t designed to game intensively. It was designed for users who are usually on the go and who want to causally game. If you want a laptop for serious gaming get a dedicated gaming laptop (see our recommendations below).

  1. 2020 ASUS Zyphyrus 15″ with RTX 2060 GPU and its comparison
  2. 2020 ASUS TUF A15 RTX 2060 read the review here or the 2019 ASUS TUF 505
  3. ASUS TUF with 1660 Ti GPUs; go here for the 17-inch, and here for the 15-inch machines

Built-in IR Camera

By using Windows Hello and the built-in IR camera that is featured in this ASUS ZenBook 15 UX534FTC-AS77 model, you will be able to login to your computer without typing password or PIN in seconds. Basically, the Windows 10 OS program which is called Windows Hello will recognize your face via the IR camera.

Not all webcams are IR supported, but this notebook has it.


Other than the Intel Core i7 CPU, and dedicated GPU, this notebook has the 16GB onboard memory. 16GB without the need of doing an upgrade. This amount of RAM is more than enough to do routine computing tasks. Ideal for your school, or college, and even business on the go. Plus casual gaming on this ultraportable laptop.

We always recommend laptops with SSD for fast performance

The 512GB SSD is definitely a better amount of storage than 256GB. There are also more expensive ultrabooks that even give only 128GB for storage.

UX534FTC-AS77: Quality From Top to Bottom

There are similar specs’ed options, however, their price is around 2K. This ASUS ZenBook 15 UX534FTC-AS77 with i7-10510U laptop is the best option available.

The discreet Graphics, aluminum unibody, bezel-less, backlit keyboard, 4K, ScreenPad 2.0, IR Camera, along with the 16GB memory, 10th gen Intel i7 CPU, and the upgradable 512GB SSD makes this laptop qualified inside out.

  may be out of stock - high demand

The ASUS ZenBook 15 UX534FTC-AS77 with i7-10510U laptop packs so many features yet it is so light and has a terrific battery life, would rate it 6 stars in this review!

ASUS ZenBook 15 UX534FTC-AS77 with i7-10510U with screenpad 2.0
ASUS ZenBook 15 UX534FTC-AS77
The ASUS ZenBook 15 UX534FTC-AS77 with i7-10510U laptop packs so many features yet it is so light and has a terrific battery life!
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