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How To Speed Up ASUS Laptop (FX505DT-AH51) Model

How To Speed Up ASUS Laptop

Have you just got the ASUS TUF FX505 15″ gaming laptop model? And you want to know how to speed up ASUS laptop (eg. the TUF FX505DT model) for gaming? This unit is probably the best affordable gaming laptop under 700 at the moment, but you might want to know one thing. How to speed up ASUS laptop especially when this model is also one of the best budget gaming machines? Here are our few tips for whatever it’s worth, I hope it will help you. If you are looking for how to switch out from Windows S Mode, visit this guide.

In our latest review about this laptop, the battery capacity of this device is not the best, so if you intend to do a lot of gaming you may want to consider to do plug and play.

This unit has the best display you ever found at its price point. So out of the box, your games will look stunning on your screen with 100% brightness. The refresh rate of this device is a big bonus (120Hz).

How To Speed Up ASUS Laptop by using their software?

When you purchased a laptop that is manufactured by this trustable company, you will get pre-installed apps. However, there are also optional apps that you can first download and then use to enhance your laptop’s features usage.

These following sections are the options that you can do to optimize ASUS TUF devices.

Backup your computer before trying these options and do it at your own risk.

Rog Live Service and Aura features

To makes the performance even snappier, consider to uninstall or even not installing the Rog Live Service and Aura features that may come pre-installed. At some point, those will start slowing down and freezing your machine. It won’t slow down your system immediately, though.

BIOS Update

If you don’t know much about BIOS or the process to update it, do not install the BIOS update. The BIOS is the first stuff that runs when you boot your PC and it is directly located in ASUS TUF gaming motherboard, so when the update goes wrong it might damage your device. And, you could lose your data. In short, updating BIOS is somewhat dangerous compared with updating software or your PC’s features.

When you update your Windows system, your BIOS should be updated automatically.

How to speed up ASUS laptop
Checking your BIOS name, version, and date

ASUS Armoury crate software

By using ASUS Armoury crate software, you can customize the one zone RGB keyboard lighting. To be precise, you will need to go to the “device” tab in the Armoury Crate settings to change the lighting of your keyboard.

If the Armoury Crate is not installed out of the box in your device, you can install it from ASUS official website first, and then installing the corresponding software from the Microsoft Store. Beware, you will need to restart your system after each installation, make sure that your laptop has enough battery or better be safe, plug your machine to its charger.

With this same software, you can control the levels of fan noises as well. To change the fan mode using your keyboard, you can easily use the keyboard shortcut FN+F5 keys.

For example, you can try the Silent mode when the games you are playing are not too demanding. Doing this, you can reduce the fan noise and the processor frequency to keep the temperature while gaming about 60c. If you play more demanding games, you can try “balanced” or “turbo” settings. However, the gaming temperature can reach 80 c.

Because it came with integrated VEGA graphics and Nvidia, you will likely game using the VEGA GPU automatically. If you notice your game is kind of choppy find out if you actually use the NVIDIA GPU to be the default one. Check out the Acer Nitro 5 for its GTX 1050 Ti if you haven’t bought it and still looking for a device for gaming.

To check this, right-click your desktop, and choose the Nvidia Control Panel. Then you can choose to set the GTX 1650 to be in both settings, Manage 3D settings and the other setting Set Physics X Configuration.

This configuration and silent mode setting on the Asus Armoury Crate will help a lot.

Windows 10 Optimization

For the Windows optimization, you can try to optimize the Windows 10 OS accordingly to your system preference, don’t follow all the steps, but know what you want and apply the guide in this video below;

Memory Upgrade (Not for the non-techies)

Lastly, if you know how to upgrade the memory by adding another RAM stick you can get more performance. Only if you know how to do it.

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  1. I have this laptop. As far as expansion is concerned, it’s quite easy. The hard part is getting the cover off once you’ve removed the screws. You’ll need something to pry it open with. Start from the area near the fan and carefully pry it open and take your time when doing so. Inside there’s a bay for a 2.5 SATA HDD, or an SSD, and one memory slot, which holds an 8GB DDR4 SO-DIMM. In order to take advantage of the dual channel, you’ll need to install another 8GB SO-DIMM. This will give you 16 GB total, and it can be expanded up to 32 GB. Make sure the speed is same. The installed SO-DIMM is DDR4 3200. The NVMe can easily be replaced. Just take off the screw holding it in place and gently pull it out. The type is M.2, which is readily available. Overall this is a solid entry level gaming laptop, considering the fact that it’s at a price that won’t break the bank.


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