How To Add Your Review

At we encourage our visitors to vote or review the laptop computer they own or they have in mind.

Here is how you can do it in our website.

In the review of the product web page, scroll down on the bottom until you see the review box (shown in the picture below) and in the “Add Your Score” section, you will be able to use your mouse to slide the vote score.

Here is the example image;

How you can add your review in our website
How you can add your vote to the review page

Need Help?

✅ I cannot find my laptop I want to review?

Please visit our library, the link is in the next paragraph

✅ Is my vote anonymous?

Yes, you don’t need to fill in your private information to vote or add review. See our privacy policy page, the link you can find below.

Cannot find your laptop? With our library, you may find yours from the list of all new laptops we have reviewed.

Before voting on our website, please see our Privacy Policy, Disclosure, and Terms of Use pages.

Should you need more help, don’t be hesitated to contact us here.

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