G5 KD-52US123SO is a NO-Nonsense Laptop

Gigabyte G5 KD-52US123SO with its chiclet-style backlit keyboard

A gaming laptop with 105W RTX 3060 variant and 16GB of RAM out of the box? And also a nice 144Hz IPS screen and 512GB SSD storage rather than a 256GB? Is it possible to have all of this at a reasonable price? Yes, it is, let us introduce you to the Gigabyte G5 KD-52US123SO 15.6″ gaming laptop with 11th Gen i5-11400H Intel’s CPU, and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 GPU on this review.

If this hardware really can complete your gaming setup? Let’s find that out.

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Gigabyte G5 GD-51US123SO is a Good Stuff

The 15-inch Gigabyte G5 GD-51US123SO with single-colored backlit keyboard

Are you looking for a gaming laptop that has RTX 3050 and 144Hz IPS Display at a fair price? If you are, then put this Gigabyte G5 GD-51US123SO under your consideration. I think this 15-inch gaming laptop can deliver at a fantastic price.

Let’s dig more about this machine. However, if you are now looking for a very affordable day-to-day laptop (not for gaming), we recommend this unit from Acer.

What does it come with?

What this laptop packs, makes this model a great choice for anyone who looks for a good mid-entry gaming machine.

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How Solid is The GIGABYTE G5 KC-5US1130SH?

GIGABYTE G5 KC-5US1130SH with a full-sized RGB Backlit Keyboard

If you’re searching for a solidly constructed 15.6″ gaming laptop with an RTX 3060 without spending your 1.5K-2K, the GIGABYTE G5 KC-5US1130SH is one of the good options.

This gamer laptop stands out due to its GPU, RAM capacity, and 144Hz smooth IPS screen, as well as other features. But can this combination really meet your requirements to game? Keep reading this review to find that out.

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