1065G7 vs 3700U Comparing Ice Lake vs Ryzen SEE A RYZEN 7 LAPTOP

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1065G7 vs 3700U Comparing Ice Lake vs Ryzen

1065G7 vs 3700U Comparing Ice Lake vs Ryzen

PCPer has just tested Intel’s 10th generation of Ice Lake, the i7 1065G7,  the new top-end mobile processor from Intel. Learn more about HP Laptop that is powered by this processor here. Their test utilizes the Dell XPS 13 inch that has the Intel i7-1065G7 CPU vs The AMD’s Ryzen 5 3700-powered Lenovo. Lenovo has legitimate deadly 5-star reviews with almost half the price of the Dell XPS, read them yourself.

We also have written the Acer Aspire 5 with Ryzen 5 3500U review on this page.

The test has compared both laptops with different processors, the latest CPU from AMD and Intel.

Laptops examples that have these two different CPUs;

1065G7 vs 3700U Comparing Ice Lake vs Ryzen – Games

Since it was released recently, Intel has stated that the Ice Lake gaming performance will likely have double the speed from its predecessor. They have also claimed that its performance will go above the APU from AMD in terms of playing popular games.

Here is the summary of the PCPer PCMark 10 Benchmark score result testing various tasks including standard computing like word, spreadsheets, and also playing playable PC games on these two non-gaming laptops.

1065G7 vs 3700U PCMark 10 Benchmark Score comparing ice lake vs ryzen

The more their values, the better the performance they could reach.

The game test was testing these; Civilization VI, F1 2018, Far Cry 5, Grand Theft Auto V, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. As well as Rocket League, World of Warships, Final Fantasy X1V: Shadowbringers.

As a result, Ice Lake was noticeably better in terms of performance, but they are also more expensive in terms of price.

This said, the performance of this newest Intel’s 10th gen processor exceeds the AMD’s, so does the graphic which is the Iris Plus graphics. Intel’s Iris Plus keeps its position to be the king of graphics. Please keep in mind, that both systems are not gaming powerhouse. So you likely cannot use them to play extensively. However, they are suitable for on-the-go laptop and portable gaming laptops. Because you will still be able to play games at lower settings. A portable gaming device, who wouldn’t need those these days?

The test only utilizes the two devices, meanwhile, there are many different other configurations on various devices. Other configured devices may result differently than this test. Hence, we believe we cannot rely on this test only to determine which processor is superior to the others. Because you would probably see different results in the different laptops with the same processors.

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